Katarzyna Drużbiak



She captures what she sees, she creates what she believes in.

She is a reflection of all the places she had been to,

all the people she had met and all the stories that happened to her. 


Although speaking four languages (including Mandarin),

She believes that her visual works cover the meaning of her ideas more than words. 


 She is on her constant way to explore more, create more and appreciate more.

Each and every project has a part of her personality.


She uses a variety type of media to cover each story.

She knows that the best projects happen when one steps out of their comfort zones.


Born and raised in Poland /27yo/

lived in China for 2,5yrs,

traveled in Asia for half a year,

wandered around Peru for 14months,

currently: don't cry for me Argentina

Open for any non-commercial/commercial project across the globe.


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